Source: Digital Assignment #1

For my themed exhibition, I chose 5 items that relate to artistic print production of the Renaissance-era in Basel, Switzerland. I used the “Basic” layout for the first page, and played with the “Image Header” for the next. These are not necessarily items that I will be including in my Kress/Ackland project as my scope there is limited to Hans Holbein and his immediate workshop and circle of Humanists, but I wanted to 1) give some context with a nice map; 2) embed a printing press demo video; 3) exhibit images of the woodblock and etching work that “second-tier” artists were up to. I successfully imported metadata from the Metropolitan Museum of Art for 3 out of 5 images (the ease of which was the major benefit of Scalar for this assignment) annotated the map with a fun fact, and linked out from the video as an annotation to a more in-depth video.

Enjoy these fabulous images from 16th/17th century Basel through your Scalar account: