Source: Digital Assignment #3

I had started initially charting some timeline points that related to a paper I’m writing about in my Intro to Archives class about the impact of technology on the nature of the collection, accessibility, and preservation of the Archives of American Art. However, upon hearing the recent news of the architect Zaha Hadid’s death and reading a number of obituaries and memorial statements, I (like a lot of people and museums, design publications, news orgs, etc. I follow on social media!) started thinking about the legacy of this groundbreaking and controversial architect. Working with around 20 timeline points I had plenty of editorial decision-making to do in looking at such a full life (which life events, which partnerships, which buildings, which awards, which controversies), I did want to present somewhat of a balance of Hadid’s interesting biography and look at her life before she achieved “starchitect” status, and a timeline is a good way to do achieve this. So I decided I would spend the evening with the articles, images, and videos I wanted to look at anyway Enjoy!