Source: Digital Assignment #4

Unfortunately my phone camera that I used to take over 100 photos of the pre-Columbian “Figure from Top of a Burial Urn” from the Ackland’s collection died before I got around to saving them and processing them through 123d catch. One thing I enjoyed about the process of taking the photos was needing to spend the time to do such close looking at the object. It has not been since I got some practice doing condition reports at my last museum job that I spent so much focused time with an artwork. With my make-up object I did not have the benefit of even lighting (or a white-gloved curator to handle the object for me!) like at the Ackland. However, I chose an object in my home, a brown clay teapot, that had some visual interest but was not too large and was matte rather than shiny.

Using 123d catch on my phone took a little longer than I made room for, unfortunately. I took significantly fewer pictures of this object, as I didn’t want it to take any longer to process than it had to, instead trying to make sure the table I used as a base was clean, well-lit, and without too many shadows.

I am not as satisfied as I would be with the original object due to photo quality and time constraints, but I still found the assignment, especially coming on the heels of our workshop day in the VRL using PhotoScan, to be a good learning exercise and a fun tool. 3d image coming soon…(123d catch tells me it is “Thinking some more”).